Thursday, November 30, 2006

Things Are Starting to Happen

I've had two days of progress. Mostly small baby steps, but still satisfying. Yesterday turned out to be map and chart day. I had ordered a set of Route 66 maps that include turn-by-turn directions. The arrived from Amazon, along with a couple of Route 66 tourist guides. I also got a nice batch of expired VFR Sectional charts covering most of the route from a fellow pilot. I have another bunch coming--hopefully that will cover the rest.

Today's excitement was getting the news that N96934 has flown. I also received some pictures to whet my appetite. It can all be seen on the N96934 blog. Tomorrow I am flying down to Santa Maria (SMX) to pick her up. I've got a friend who also flies a Skylane. He needs to fly some practice instrument approaches, so we plan to double up and get the practice in while he ferries me down to SMX. By this time tomorrow night, the plane and I will be back in Palo Alto.


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