Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Packing Day

Over the last week, I've been collecting the stuff I want to bring and staging it to a pile in the dining room. I don't want to realize later that I forgot an items that was going to be important to the comfort or success of the flight.

If you are a pilot, you will recognize much of the stuff in this picture. At the back left, I have my charts. They completely fill the flight bag that used to be my entire flying kit. I've got 14 sectional charts, six VFR Terminal Area charts, five A/FDs, ten sets of approach charts, and six IFR enroute charts. This is in addition to my regular Jeppesen charts that cover CA.

The back right is my flight bag. I've got the usual kneeboard, Jeppesen, guide and various accessories I use in flight, including my handheld backup radio. At the back center, some "personal comfort items." Headsets and electronic accessories, including my Garmin 396 portable GPS, make up the rest.

I guess this is a clothing optional trip, because I haven't start packing anything to wear. Based on the expected temperatures for many of my destinations, it won't take much.

I will be loading most of this stuff in the plane today so that I have less to do tomorrow morning. My intent is to get up and out early, so that I can be in Santa Monica for the official start of the trip in time to get some distance along the route.


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